About Us

Animal Emergency Center opened its doors to the Norman community for night, weekend, and holiday urgent pet care in 2012 by its original owner. In 2018, it was purchased by 3 Brown Dogs Veterinary Group, owned by Dr. Andrew Diaz. Dr. Diaz had a vision of a 24-hour emergency and referral hospital to meet the needs of Norman in addition to Southeastern, Southwestern and Southern Central Oklahoma to the northern parts of Texas. With a team of expert veterinary professionals bringing the best possible care for your pet in a state of the art veterinary facility, Dr. Diaz’s vision is closer to reaching reality.

In late 2020, the Animal Emergency Center of Norman changed its name to Veterinary Emergency Referral Center as the first step towards this transition.

Our skilled veterinary team partners with your family Veterinarian, providing emergency and urgent care for your pet, nights, weekends, and holidays until the point that we open our doors 24/7.

Pets we treat:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Small mammals and pocket pets (*please call ahead)

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Our Mission Statement

Integrity defined as the quality of honesty and strong moral principles.

We are committed to treating every patient, client, and each other with respect and dignity.

Compassion defined as kindness, caring, and a willingness to help.

We are committed to practicing empathy with each other and our clients. Taking a pause to understand where the other individual is coming from, creates compassion by choice, not by obligation.

Quality defined as the degree of excellence of something.

We are committed to going the extra mile, whether it be for each other or our clients. We recognize that these small tokens can change the world.

Responsibility defined as the state or fact of being accountable. The opportunity to act independently and make decisions without authorization.

We believe in empowering our associates to make decisions for the best interest of the pet and client, governed by the values that guide us.

Growth/Development defined as the tasks and processes implemented to create long-term value for our organization.

We support, and equally expect, each individual to strive for their own growth in their respective positions. “Be better today than you were yesterday, and use that to be even better tomorrow.”

“As we live and guide our work with these values: Integrity, Compassion, Quality, and Responsibility, the impact of the business in our community will inevitably grow.”