General FAQ

Common Questions

How long will I need to wait for my pet to be seen by the doctor?

We do not like to make anyone wait, but the reality of emergency services wait times, is that it depends on how many other emergencies are at the hospital, and how critical your pet’s condition is. We do our best to see everyone as quickly as we can, but critical cases that require immediate intervention must be seen before stable cases, just as in a human emergency room. Your wait may be 15 minutes to several hours.

How are emergencies prioritized?

Triage System
Using the following triage system, upon arrival, patients will be prioritized based on the severity of their condition. Please be patient, as there may be delays for Yellow and Blue category patients. We ask that you understand if your pet was in critical condition, we would offer you the same option for immediate treatment. If your pet’s health status changes while you are waiting, please inform a staff member immediately so we can reassess your pet.

Why does my pet need an exam?

When your pet is sick or injured, they can’t tell us what’s wrong. A thorough physical exam and history (symptoms you’ve noted at home) are an important first step. Diagnostic testing is also an important step in the development of a treatment plan for your pet, allowing our ER veterinarian to most effectively target the underlying problem and assess the probability of successful treatment. Our ER veterinarian can explain the purpose of each diagnostic test, and help prioritize which tests may be most helpful in determining the cause of your pet’s illness.

How do I know if my sick pet can wait until my regular veterinarian opens in the morning?

We understand you and your pet have an important bond with your primary veterinarian and you may prefer to wait until they open. If your pet is having difficulty breathing, is actively bleeding, or has one of the problems in the red and yellow triage categories, we recommend your pet be evaluated sooner rather than later. We are here for you anytime after-hours should the status of your pet change or decline. Please call us at 405-360-7828 if you have specific questions about your pet’s condition.

How will you update me about my pet’s condition and how often?

We know that having your pet hospitalized is scary, and we do our best to keep you up to date on their condition. You are welcome to call anytime to get a status update. The veterinarian may not be able to speak to you directly if they are working on another case, but can usually relay a message through our staff. The veterinarian on your case will contact you at least daily to inform you of how your pet is doing, and if anything about your pet’s treatment changes you will also be consulted.

What should I do if I have additional questions after I leave my appointment/emergency visit?

Please feel free to contact our clinic with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s condition or recovery.

Can I get advice over the phone?

While we can sometimes guide you to resources about your pet’s needs and answer some general questions, we are simply unable to give medical advice over the phone. Giving medical advice without seeing the pet not only violates laws that govern veterinary practice, but can also be dangerous for your pet’s health. Physical examination is the best way for our doctors to accurately diagnose and treat your pet’s condition.

Can I visit my pet if it needs to be hospitalized?

Absolutely! You may visit your pet during his/her stay at any time during their stay.

Please note: Visits will need to be scheduled on a case by case basis, due to COVID-19 until further notice.

I found a lost pet and the Animal Shelter is closed, can I bring it to you?

If you find a lost pet, we encourage you to bring it by and we can check it for a microchip! We will document your contact information and the pet’s description on our internal lost and found log. However, we are unable to keep the lost pets at our facility for the safety of our patients and the unknown health of the found pet.

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