“They took excellent care of my poodle .Thank you for the love and kindness and the exceptional professional service I got today…Cooper said to thank you for saving her life”
-Stacy M., Facebook

“The Vet and his staff were very professional and compassionate in a very difficult time. They took the time to listen and answer all our concerns before making a decision. I would recommend them to anyone needing after-hours help. Thank you.”
-Daniel J., Google

“Got home from work and my senior dog who had been declining in health for a couple of weeks was completely unable to stand. The Dr on duty did a great job with him and was very gentle and kind and respectful to us. He explained each step in the process of euthanasia and my pup just quietly went to sleep. Thank you so much for your care and understanding.”
-Lipsum, Yelp

“I was pleased with the friendly staff and the doctor. They kept me informed about the treatment that my Doxie was going through and reassuring me that she was doing fine. The wait was very long but I’m satisfied with the service we received. The diagnosis was not what I expected but I’m thankful the dr found out what was wrong with Charlee. She’s now on the road to recovery and back home again”
-Diane M., Facebook

“We brought our 9-year-old dog here when her health continued to decline this weekend. Dr. Linville broke the difficult news to us with the most compassion I could possibly imagine from a veterinarian. He took care of us and our sweet girl to the very end and even grieved with us in the process. Despite having never met us or our dogs, he treated us like regular patients and I could not have asked for a better staff and doctor to take us through such a painful experience of losing our dog. These are the ideal kind of people to have working in such emotional situations.”
-Ryann W., Google

“We LOVE Dr.Linville!!! He’s amazing. Always so kind & helpful when we bring our dogs in. The staff is amazing too. High recommend.”
-Abigail F., Yelp

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“I could NOT be more grateful they were there to help my Beeker today…this day feels like it could have ended so differently. Incredible staff!!!”
-Sarah L., Facebook

“If I ever have another emergency with my pet ( I pray I don’t) I will not hesitate to take them here again.”
-Ginger T., Google

“This is the best emergency center for animals My cat couldn’t deliver her babies By herself she was suffering I took her where they kept her for a few hours trying to get her to deliver her babies and she couldn’t so they gave her as c-section thank God for the doctors there because my Sweetheart Was going to die The doctor was able to get 3 beautiful babies out of her and she is doing fine now they gave us some great insurances of places to help pay for it and it was wonderful I don’t know if I could post the doctor’s name but I will tell you they treated her as if she was the only animal there and it was full.”
-Mona C., Yelp

“Got our dog right in after he ingested a toxin. They treated him and we were on our way. The vet was very knowledgable and answered all of my questions. Would definitely use them again in the case of an emergency.”
-Abbie H., Facebook

“I brought my Lucy in yesterday evening. We were outside and she was fine next thing you know she was puking, laying on the ground unresponsive and not breathing! I was panicked! I brought her to the Animal Emergency Center. They immediately took her in fixed her up and calmed me down! I don’t know what I would have done without these amazing people! I am forever grateful!”
-Nicole D., Google

Our beloved Great Dane was struck by a vehicle and brought for emergency care at AEC. Heartbreakingly, we made the difficult decision to put him down due to his injuries, but my mother and I will never forget the compassion shown by the team here. Dr. Diaz explained all of our options (medical and financial) with both professionalism and kindness. He was not only transparent and honest but also gentle and patient. It was clear that he genuinely cared for our babies and for our family. Leah (I believe she is a nurse) was incredibly comforting. She shed some tears with us and even offered us some homemade baked goods while we waited. My mother was beside herself with grief from the time we arrived at the time we left, and Leah was so accommodating, understanding, and reassuring as she sat and talked with us. I’m so grateful for these wonderful people for making a very tragic evening so much more bearable.
-Kelsey M., Yelp